God Of War ps4 cheats
Play Station 4

God Of War ps4 cheats

Did you know you could cheat ps4 game God of War with your joypad with different combination keys? If you are searching for God Of War ps4 cheats then you are in the right place. Jump straight to the section below if you want God Of War ps4 cheats right now.

God Of War

The God of War is a game of action. Kratos, former Greek War God, and his young son Atreus are the principal protagonists. After the death of the second wives of Kratos and Atreus ‘ mother, they travel on the highest pinnacle of the nine realms and spread their ashes. Kratos keeps a secret of Atreus, who does not know his divine nature, from his troubled past. On their way, they meet the monsters and Gods of Norse World. Critics have praised God of War for his story, world design, art management, graphics, characters and fighting system. God of War is the only thing they know.

It has been given perfect scores by multiple reviewers as well as a highly-rated PS4 game on Metacritic in the God of War range. The game was commercially successful and within a month was released, selling five million copies. Like previous games, Spartan Rage is a “rage” ability. The Rage ability is a meter which fills in the combat as in previous versions. In contrast to weapons, Kratos is using this capability to greatly damage enemies.

God Of War ps4 cheats

We found that many users were searching for God Of War ps4 cheats. Now that we found the special joypad combination to cheat God of War we are sharing this with you. The Different combination of joypad are used to get different modes in the game like: God Mode, One shot kill, Immortality, Infinite powers etc. You can get the different combination code below by clicking the button.You file will be ready to download. If you can’t download the file then just verify that you are not a bot!

Joypad Cheats God Of War



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