Car Mechanic Simulator 18 hack ios apk mod

Car Mechanic Simulator 18 hack ios apk mod

Are you looking for Car Mechanic Simulator 18 hack ios apk mod today? then you have to the right place. Just jump straight to the section below where you can use this hack tool without further a do.

Car Mechanic Simulator 18

Solid mechanic sim game; helps you learn about the many parts of a basic car. The only downside is, unlike the PC version, you can’t actually test drive the cars, so the game is purely for managing repairs and sales. Still, very informative if you wanna learn about what generally goes into your car. It’s a great game but u need more cars more parts maybe b able to modify the look better as in body kits different rims. And also a way we could fix certain parts that isn’t damaged to badly. U guys could make this a greater game if u just add somethings to it. Game is fantastic. It’s very similar to the PC version.


The only thing I wish to ask is more car types and maybe customization such as stickers, headlight types and bumpers. Other then that it’s great! Overall the game plays well, and it’s fun to take things apart and to remember what parts you need when you go to buy them. But this game totally lost me when I realized I could flip the cars for 1k to 2k profit without even doing any work to them. Granted you have to watch a video each time you sell a car, but where the challenge in this? You can sell a car, at any time, and never take a loss. This game has a lot of potential, but the vehicle values need to be adjusted for it to make any sense. You need to be able to lose money on the cars.

Car Mechanic Simulator 18 hack ios apk mod

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