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You hop in to a small battle arena with a squad of other deadly knights. You have to kill them by throwing axes and survive as long as possible. Get out alive by killing others with your mighty axes and win the game. It has a busy combat mode so be sharp and hit it with all you got. AXE IO will have you on the edge of your seat.

The controls for this game are pretty easy so that you can focus on important stuffs in this game. Use your left thumb as a joystick to move your character around the battle arena. Aim your throw by making sure the green arrow is pointing towards your enemy and click throw to send a throwing axe hurtling towards your enemy breaking their skull.

You can to keep on picking up the axe and throw them towards the enemy for the kill process. Just run over an axe on the ground to pick it up automatically. Watch your back as throwing axes are flying everywhere. If you die, you collect your rewards and start again from level 1.

When you kill an enemy in the battle arena, they’ll drop gold coins. Steal these coins to earn EXP and level your warrior up. The higher the level, the more throwing axes you can carry at one time. You’ll also get a short burst of berserk er rage where you can throw unlimited axes at a rapid pace. hack apk mod

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