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Apex Legends Battle Pass Released – Here are all the details

For a couple of weeks now, we’ve had our hands on the Apex Legends battle pass, and we’ve been working our way through the ranks slowly. The Apex legends character and weapon skin are neat and you’re going to release your Havoc-functional skin at level 100 if you’re doing it all the way to the end. You can either purchase the basic battle pass and begin at level one, or you can buy a 25-stage headstart for extra money to immediately unlock certain of those goodies. By completing the battle pass of the Apex Legends, you can earn up to 1.000 Apex Coins too, so you can buy the next battle pass from the Apex Legends on your earnings.

Full of different sets and enough coin prizes to buy a new battle pass again.

How much does this battle pass costs?

The Battle Pass of Apex Legends costs 950 Apex coins to its base version, or 2800 Apex coins to the first 25 levels. Remember to get enough Apex Coins on top of a bunch of other extras for the Basic version.

How to level up fast?

By playing like you normally would, you can even your Apex Legends fight by playing: all the XPs you earn are also countable for your battle pass points. The Apex Legends Legend Bonus gives you up to 25,000 extra BP points per character per week. You can even higher your rating speeds. This really should get you to climb the ranks.

Season 1 and more in store

Each season of the Apex Legends is to last for three months, so June is the second season to start. In terms of flashy rewards (and the lack of gameplay influencing elements such as challenges), this first season is rather low, so Apex Legends has plenty of room to expand.

Full of skins & coins

The battle pass has a wide range of cosmetic products just like in other fighting royales games. Apparently, in the battle pass, all the cosmetic types feature on the game from weapons. And legends to banner poses and character jokes. Apex packages and even special purple Apex packages can be obtained by leveling up. New Legends is the one thing you can’t get out of the Apex Legends fight pass. They themselves are the characters and you can now unlock Caustic. And Mirage with Apex Coins and Legend Tokens. There will be more legends, but not through the fighting pass.

Apex legends battle pass weekly challenges?

There are no battle pass challenges for Apex Legends, unlike Fortnite. Respawn Entertainment might have some tricks to disclose. Later this season, but just by playing as you did for now. You’re going to upgrade your pass.

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Apex Legends Battle Pass Released With Details
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